Grades 1 - 7 during Weekend Services

FLASH is church, just for kids! There's worship, a presentation of the gospel with fun and creative illustrations, and LIFE Groups where kids will learn to apply what they have just learned, and connect with each other. We also teach children how to pray, and encourage them to share what they want to see God fulfill in their lives!


We believe it is important to encourage our kids in making good choices in their relationship with God.  Therefore, Pre-k through 7th participate in FLASH ZONE Each week.  After check in, each child will be directed to go to the FLASH ZONE table just inside the small sanctuary. There, they will be given a bracelet which will be marked with how many points they have earned. They get points if:

  • It is their first time to the Chapel
  • They brought their Bible
  • Know last week's Bible verse
  • Look up the verse with a church's Bible
  • Look up the verse with their own Bible
  • They brought a friend
  • It is their birthday week
  • Write out the memory verse (this also makes them eligible for a drawing of a special prize each month)

After service when their parent picks them up, they will be able to go to the FLASH ZONE. It's located by the TV in the small sanctuary lobby.

Main Idea:Worship is acknowledging God for who He is and what He's done.
Memory Verse:You have taught children and babies to sing praises to you because of your enemies: Psalm 8:2a
Family Chat: Q How old do you need to be worship God? A What is your favorite way to tell God how awesome you think He is?