Midweek Gathering
The Midweek Gathering is held each Thursday
6:00 – 7:00 pm
Food is served at the cost is $5/person or just $15 for your whole family (see tonight's menu below), along with "Bernie Bern" bringing lots of fun, music, coloring contests, games and fellowship!
7:00 - 8:30 pm
There are things to do for all ages.
Join us THIS Thursday and enjoy the Midweek Gathering!



6:00 PM - Midweek Gathering w/cafe' in Lobby area
Cafe' Menu: cHIli, corn bread, salad, Drinks &
Dessert - Hotdogs for the kids!

7:00 PM - Gym open for the kids, nursery, BC Kids, BCY for
teens, adults chill in the lobby area or just relax
with an interactive class or small group (see below)

Classes: GROWTH TRACK / EssentialS (7 pm - Rm. 22)
Groups: Men of Integrity (6 pm - Rm. 16)
Linda Emmi (7 pm - Rm. 23)