Pastor Phanuel & Presanna Robinson

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Pastor Phanuel Robinson was raised by a Christian family in Chennai, India. He accepted the Lord at 13 years old while attending Vacation Bible School, and was baptized one year later. From the day he was saved, Pastor Robinson had a great desire to serve the Lord and a passion to preach the word. He studied the word of God and, when he was in 11th grade, preached the gospel on the streets every morning at 4 am with a friend.

The Lord began to use him to speak in churches and villages in Chennai, many states in India, and other countries including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Pastor Robinson earned his B.A. and M.A. in English Language and Literature from Loyola College in Chennai; An M. Phil. in English Language and Literature from Madras Christian College in Chennai; a Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling, Psychology and Guidance from Dorche Institute in Chennai; and a Ph. D. in Leadership and Management from the International Institute of Management in Chennai.

He serves an integral role in Kids Learning Centre, a special school run by his wife, Presanna, for children with learning difficulties.  They have one son, Timothy. As a family, they teach the word in churches, and conduct seminars and training programs for schools, Christian organizations, and non- governmental organizations.

Pastor Robinson has translated books by Joyce Meyer, James Dobson, John Maxwell and Rick Warren from English to the Tamil language.